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Friday, January 27, 2017

TRUANCY Vol 3 : 26 December 2016

TRUANCY Vol 3 is out!

Truancy is a microzine, helmed by Nin Harris. Check out my story, Princess of the Bamboo, described by Nin as 'a gorgeous revision of the Malay folktale and an Indian folktale.'

Issue Three, December 2016 of Truancy

Editorial by Nin Harris
The Two Princes by Maizura Abas
Princess of the Bamboo by Tutu Dutta
The Huntsmen, Part Two by Mari Ness
Blood Red and Raven Black by Shannon Phillips
Daughter of the Sea by George Nikolopoulos
Love, Your Wolpertinger by Dantzel Cherry
 Indrapramit Das’s The Devourers reviewed by Arun Jiwa
Stephani Soejono’s Tale of the Bidadari reviewed by Nin Harris

The cover art is a reprint of the Malaysian artist Karen Nunis’s Love in Erebus.